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I met Mitch in person last spring at Community Records Block Party. His band Swear Jar played and I approached him and told him that they were really refreshing to hear and I really enjoyed them. He gave me the demo for free and told me that he really appreciated it and I could just feel the sincerity in his voice. We talked for good hour or so and he was just super nice. There was a Flaming Tsunamis song he did vocals for and it was so intense. I talked to him about visiting up north and playing at his house when my band tours and he did everything he could to try to kick start it. One time when I was feeling super down on myself I was telling him that around like the community records guys or even just the local scene here, that I never feel like I have a voice and that I feel like I’d get written off as some kid. He told me not to worry about it and that my voice could be as good as anyone else’s and that all I needed to do was try. It really made me feel better. One of the best guys to ever grace this planet.

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    Song of the Day Number 116 Swear Jar - “…And Peanut Butter”
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    The one time I ever played in a band with Mitch, I barely knew what I was doing. We didn’t have a lot of time to...
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    I did not even know the guy, but hearing this and reading up on Mitch, I’m pretty damn sad. I wish I had gotten the...
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    Aside from being awesome, Mitch also made great music.
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    If Mitch Dubey taught me one thing ever it was to stay fucking postive. I am going to do my fucking best Mitch. This is...
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